Cattle plants use HVLS fans

The use of HVLS (High Volume-Low Speed) fans in cattle factories can bring multiple benefits, especially in terms of improving the living environment of cattle and enhancing farming efficiency. Below are some of the advantages of using HVLS fans in a cattle plant:

Improving the living environment of cattle

1. Provide comfortable airflow: HVLS fans can generate a constant, gentle airflow in cattle plants, helping to lower body temperature, especially in the hot summer months, helping to reduce heat stress and improve cattle comfort.

2. Enhance air quality: By promoting air flow, HVLS fans help reduce odors and harmful gases, such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, inside the cattle plant, thus improving air quality and providing a healthier living environment for the cattle.

Enhanced Farming Benefits

1. Increase milk production: The right ambient temperature has a direct impact on the milk production of cows. HVLS fans help to increase milk production and milk quality by reducing heat stress.

2. Reduce disease: Good ventilation and air quality can reduce the incidence of diseases such as respiratory diseases and pyrexia, thus reducing treatment costs and improving farm efficiency.

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly

1. Energy efficient operation: Compared with traditional air conditioning systems, HVLS fans consume less energy during operation, making them an energy efficient solution for ventilation and cooling.

2. Reduced energy consumption: The large diameter and low rotational speed design of HVLS fans means that they are able to move large volumes of air while consuming less electricity, helping to reduce energy consumption in cattle plants.

Safety and space utilization

1. Safety: HVLS fans are mounted high up and do not take up floor space, reducing safety risks for cattle and staff.

2. Space utilization: Due to the high air volume coverage characteristics of HVLS fans, the number of small fans used can be reduced, thus saving space and providing more freedom for cattle movement and other activities in the cattle plant.

Application scenarios

1. Open barns: In open barns, HVLS fans can provide full ventilation and cooling.

2. Enclosed or semi-enclosed barns: In enclosed or semi-enclosed barns, HVLS fans can be used in conjunction with other ventilation systems, such as negative-pressure ventilation or wet-curtain systems, in order to increase ventilation efficiency.


The use of HVLS fans in cattle factories is an effective method of ventilation and cooling, which can improve the living environment of cattle and increase the efficiency of farming, as well as having the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection. With the increasing emphasis on animal welfare and productivity in the farming industry, the use of HVLS fans in cattle factories will become more and more common.

Overhead Large-Diameter Fan
Overhead Large-Diameter Fan
Ventilation and cooling effect of HVLS large fan
Ventilation and cooling effect of HVLS large fan
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