HVLS Fans for Stadiums

The use of HVLS (High Volume-Low Speed) fans in stadiums is a very effective ventilation and cooling solution. These fans, due to their large size and low rotational speed, are able to cover a wide area and provide large spaces with a constant, comfortable airflow, thus improving the experience for spectators and athletes.

Advantages of using HVLS fans in stadiums:

1. Wide coverage area: HVLS fans are usually large in size, with diameters of up to 7.3 meters or even larger, and are able to cover thousands of square meters, ensuring good airflow in every corner of the stadium.

2. Comfortable Breeze Effect: Compared to small fans that rotate at high speeds, HVLS fans operate at lower speeds and produce a gentle breeze that accelerates the evaporation of human sweat, resulting in a cooling effect that improves the comfort of spectators and athletes.

3. Low noise operation: HVLS fans run at low speeds and therefore produce relatively little noise during operation, usually no more than 40dba, which is particularly important for stadiums where a certain level of quietness needs to be maintained.

4. Energy efficient: Despite the large size of HVLS fans, due to their low rotational speed, they operate with relatively low energy consumption, making them an energy efficient ventilation solution.

5. Safety: HVLS fans are mounted at a high level and do not take up floor space, reducing the risk of safety hazards such as spectators or athletes tripping over fans or cords.

6. Improved air quality: HVLS fans help to circulate air in stadiums by pushing air flow, reducing stagnant hot air and bad odors and improving air quality.

Application Scenarios:

– Indoor stadiums: such as basketball halls, volleyball halls, badminton halls, etc. HVLS fans can provide a continuous airflow to maintain air circulation and reduce the feeling of stifling heat.

– Outdoor sports venues: such as soccer fields, track and field stadiums, etc. Although HVLS fans are mainly used indoors, they can also be used in covered outdoor venues to provide a comfortable environment for spectators and athletes, especially in hot weather.


HVLS fans provide an effective ventilation and cooling solution for stadiums, which not only improves the comfort of spectators and athletes, but also improves air quality, making it an energy-efficient and safe ventilation device. With the advancement of technology and the growth of market demand, the application of HVLS fans in stadiums will become more and more widespread.

HVLS industrial fans for sports venues
HVLS industrial fans for sports venues
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