Commercial Ceiling Fans

Commercial Ceiling Fan
Commercial ceiling fan is a ventilation device designed specifically for commercial spaces, widely used in restaurants, shopping malls, offices, hotels and other places. They not only provide effective air circulation and cooling effects, but also have a certain degree of decoration, which can improve the comfort and aesthetics of the indoor environment.
Main features:
Diversified design: Commercial ceiling fans offer a variety of sizes, styles, and colors to adapt to different interior decoration and design requirements.
Efficient and energy-saving: Modern commercial ceiling fans typically use high-efficiency motors, such as DC motors, to achieve higher energy efficiency ratios and lower energy consumption.
Multifunctionality: In addition to basic fan functions, some commercial ceiling fans also integrate lighting equipment, known as ceiling fan lights, providing a dual function of lighting and ventilation.
Easy to install and maintain: Commercial ceiling fan designs consider installation convenience and typically come with detailed installation guidelines and all required installation accessories. In terms of maintenance, regularly cleaning the fan blades and inspecting the motor can ensure the long-term stable operation of the fan.
Improving Comfort: Commercial ceiling fans generate sustained breeze, which helps improve indoor air quality, reduce heat stress, and enhance the comfort of customers and employees.
Application field:
Commercial ceiling fans have applications in multiple fields, including but not limited to the catering industry, retail industry, education and medical institutions, entertainment venues, etc. They are not only used to provide a comfortable environment, but also to help save energy and reduce reliance on traditional air conditioning systems.
In summary, commercial ceiling fans are an efficient, energy-saving, and multifunctional ventilation device suitable for various commercial environments, which can enhance the comfort and aesthetics of the space, while also having certain economic benefits.

Professional optimized design of fan blades

– Aerodynamic design
– Aluminum alloy profiles
– High strength
– Lightweight
– Long term stable use

Fluid dynamics analysis of HVLS fans blades
Fluid dynamics analysis of HVLS fans blades
HVLS fans PMSM motor
(PMSM) Motors for HVLS industrial fans
HVLS industrial fans controller
HVLS industrial fans controller
Accessories ensure safe installation
Accessories ensure safe installation

Specification ( reference value )

Diameter24ft (7.3m)20ft (6.7m)18ft (6.1m)17ft (5.1m)15ft (4.6m)12.8ft (3.9m)10ft (3.0m)
Noise (dB)≤39≤38≤37≤36≤36≤36≤36
Weight (kg)11010510080655835
Note: Above are some products, and the power supply supports 110V/220V/380V (50/60Hz).

Product diameter: The product diameter can be customized as required.

HVLS industrial fans for logistics centers
HVLS industrial fans for logistics centers
HVLS suspended ceiling fan for basketball court
HVLS suspended ceiling fan for basketball court
HVLS large fan installed on the top of the workshop
HVLS large fan installed on the top of the workshop
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