Stirling Cryocooler

Stirling Cycle Cryocoolers

The Stirling refrigerator, also known as a Stirling cryocooler, is a highly efficient and reliable cooling system that operates using the Stirling cycle. Low maintenance requirements and high durability. This type of refrigerator is often used in applications requiring long life and high reliability, such as in cryogenics and space cooling systems. It operates silently and has no need for a cooling tower or refrigerant, making it environmentally friendly. The Stirling refrigerator’s performance is less sensitive to ambient temperature changes, allowing it to function effectively in a wide range of environments.

Test temperature20℃-25℃-80℃-80℃
Applicable temperature-100℃~0℃-100℃~0℃-120℃~0℃-120℃~0℃
Ambient temperature-20℃~40℃≤70℃≤70℃≤70℃
Service life>10000hours>10000hours>10000hours>10000hours

Stirling refrigeration technology is widely used, covering multiple industries and fields:

1. Medical and biological sample storage

Stirling refrigeration technology is used in the medical industry for low-temperature preservation of blood, vaccines, biological samples, and other medical products. Due to the high efficiency and reliability of Stirling refrigeration mechanisms, they are particularly suitable for use in ultra-low temperature refrigerators and cold storage, ensuring the integrity and effectiveness of these sensitive biomaterials.

2. Aerospace and military fields

Stirling refrigeration technology is also widely used in aerospace and military fields. For example, it can be used for low-temperature cooling systems on satellites and spacecraft, providing a stable low-temperature environment for sensitive scientific instruments and equipment.

3. Research and laboratory

Stirling refrigerators are used in various low-temperature experimental equipment, such as superconducting experiments, low-temperature physics research, and chemical analysis, to provide precise temperature control and stable low-temperature environments.

4. Refrigeration transportation

Stirling refrigeration technology is also used in the field of refrigeration transportation, especially in low-temperature goods that require long and long-distance transportation. For example, Stirling refrigeration mobile cold chain boxes can be used for the transportation of vaccines and other biological agents, ensuring that they remain within the required temperature range throughout the entire transportation process.

5. Industrial applications

In the industrial field, Stirling refrigeration technology can be used for low-temperature cooling in industrial processes, such as low-temperature reactions in chemical production and material processing. The high efficiency and reliability of Stirling refrigerators make them an ideal choice for these applications.

6. Household and commercial refrigeration

Although Stirling refrigeration technology has relatively few applications in the fields of household and commercial refrigeration, with the development of technology and the reduction of costs, Stirling refrigerators are expected to be more widely used in household refrigerators, commercial refrigeration equipment, etc. in the future.

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