Customize the style and color of HVLS industrial fans

Customize the style and color of HVLS industrial fans

Customizing the style and color of HVLS (High Volume, Low Speed) industrial fans can be an important aspect of creating a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing environment within an industrial or commercial space. Here’s how you can approach customizing the style and color of these large fans:

Style Customization

  1. Modern vs. Traditional: Decide on the overall style you wish to achieve. Some HVLS fans have a modern, sleek look, while others may offer a more traditional or industrial appearance.
  2. Blade Design: The blades of the fan can be customized to reflect the style you want. Options might include straight, curved, or even uniquely shaped blades that match the architectural elements of the space.
  3. Frame and Motor Housing: The frame and motor housing can also be customized to align with the style of the fan. This could involve different materials, finishes, or even incorporating design elements such as louvers or grilles.

Color Customization

  1. Factory Color Options: Many HVLS fan manufacturers offer a range of standard color options that can be chosen to match the color scheme of the facility. Check with manufacturers like Air21xx for their available colors.
  2. Custom Color Matching: For a more personalized touch, some manufacturers may offer custom color matching services. This could involve providing a color sample or Pantone code for the manufacturer to match or create a custom paint job for the fan.
  3. Coating and Finish: The finish of the fan can also be customized. Options might include powder coating, which is durable and offers a wide range of color choices, or a glossy or matte finish depending on the desired look.

Additional Customization Options

  1. Lighting Integration: Some HVLS fans can be customized to include integrated lighting. This could involve LED lights embedded within the fan blades or surrounding the fan, providing both illumination and energy savings.
  2. Branding and Logos: For businesses that want to incorporate their brand into the industrial design, custom HVLS fans can feature company logos or branding elements on the fan blades or motor housing.
  3. Special Features: Depending on the manufacturer, there may be opportunities to add special features, such as weather-resistant designs for outdoor use or additional safety features like protective guards.

Considerations for Customization

  • Cost: Customization can increase the cost of the HVLS fans. It’s important to budget for any additional expenses associated with custom colors or styles.
  • Lead Time: Customized orders may require more lead time for manufacturing and delivery. Plan accordingly to ensure the fans arrive when needed.
  • Manufacturer Capabilities: Not all manufacturers may offer extensive customization options. Research and select a manufacturer that can meet your specific customization needs.
  • Maintenance: Consider the maintenance implications of custom colors and finishes. Some finishes may require more care to keep the fan looking its best over time.
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