HVLS fans China manufacturer factory

Advanced automation HVLS fans production lines and precision machining equipment to ensure the quality and performance of the fans. Professional engineering teams are dedicated to design optimization to enhance energy efficiency and reduce noise levels. Strict quality control processes and continuous product testing ensure that every product leaving the factory meets the industrial standards.

Big ass fans PMSM HVLS fans

Factory Direct Supply

HVLS industrial Fans manufacturing factory
HVLS industrial Fans manufacturing factory
Automated production lines to ensure sufficient supply capacity.
Provide customized production services according to user needs.

Better Quality Better Service Better Prices & Better Partners

Automation equipment for producing HVLS fans

Specification ( reference value )

Diameter24ft (7.3m)20ft (6.7m)18ft (6.1m)17ft (5.1m)15ft (4.6m)12.8ft (3.9m)10ft (3.0m)
Noise (dB)≤39≤38≤37≤36≤36≤36≤36
Weight (kg)11010510080655835
Note: Above are some products, and the power supply supports 110V/220V/380V (50/60Hz).

Product diameter: The product diameter can be customized as required.

HVLS fans PMSM motor
(PMSM) Motors for HVLS industrial fans
HVLS industrial fans controller
HVLS industrial fans controller
Accessories ensure safe installation
Accessories ensure safe installation
Ceiling PMSM HVLS Industrial fans
Ceiling PMSM HVLS Industrial fans
HVLS industrial fan airflow efficiency
HVLS industrial fan airflow efficiency
What type of motor is used for HVLS industrial fans
What type of motor is used for HVLS industrial fans
  1. HVLS fans Design Expertise:
    • Innovative Design: Factories have professional design teams that continuously research and develop new types of HVLS fans to meet the needs of various industries and environments.
    • Performance Optimization: The design team focuses on the air flow efficiency and energy consumption ratio of the fans, striving to reduce energy use while ensuring sufficient airflow.
    • Safety and Durability: Safety and durability are fully considered in the design to ensure the stability and reliability of the fans over extended use.
  2. HVLS fans Automation Production Expertise:
    • Efficient Production: The introduction of automated production lines increases production efficiency, reduces human errors, and ensures the consistency and quality of products.
    • Precision Machining: Advanced machining equipment is used to precisely manufacture each component of the fan, ensuring the accuracy and quality of assembly.
    • Intelligent Monitoring: Intelligent monitoring systems on the production line track the production process in real-time, identifying and resolving potential issues promptly.
  3. HVLS fans Quality Control Expertise:
    • Rigorous Inspection: Each product undergoes strict quality inspections before leaving the factory, including tests on materials, craftsmanship, performance, and more.
    • Continuous Improvement: Factories constantly collect product feedback and market information to continuously improve production processes and product designs.
    • Standard Compliance: Adherence to relevant international and domestic standards and regulations ensures that products meet industry requirements.
  4. HVLS fans Quality After-Sales Service:
    • Customer Support: Professional customer service teams are available to quickly respond to customer inquiries and issues.
    • Maintenance and Repair: Regular maintenance and repair services are provided to ensure long-term stable operation of the fans.
    • Customized Solutions: Customized solutions and services are offered based on special customer needs.
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