Stirling Cryocooler for sale price

Stirling cryocoolers offer a range of performance advantages that make them suitable for various applications requiring low-temperature environments.

Helium-based Stirling cryocooler
High Efficiency: Stirling cryocoolers are known for their high cooling efficiency, particularly when using helium as the working fluid. Helium’s high thermal conductivity and low viscosity at low temperatures contribute to the effective transfer of heat, leading to better cooling performance.

Long Life and Reliability: These cryocoolers have fewer moving parts compared to other types of refrigeration systems, which reduces wear and tear and leads to a longer operational lifespan. The simplicity of the Stirling cycle also contributes to their reliability, with many units capable of running for extended periods without significant maintenance.

Low Vibration Operation: Stirling cryocoolers typically operate with very low vibration levels. This is particularly beneficial in applications that require a stable, low-vibration environment, such as scientific research and precision instruments.

Quiet Operation: The low-speed, smooth operation of Stirling cryocoolers results in minimal noise production, making them suitable for use in noise-sensitive environments.

Small size and portable Stirling Cryocooler

Test temperature20℃-25℃-80℃-80℃
Applicable temperature-100℃~0℃-100℃~0℃-120℃~0℃-120℃~0℃
Ambient temperature-20℃~40℃≤70℃≤70℃≤70℃
Service life>10000hours>10000hours>10000hours>10000hours
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