The controller technology of HVLS fans

Customized PMSM HVLS Ceiling Fans

The controller technology of HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) fans is a key component in ensuring the efficient and stable operation of the fans. Here is some knowledge about the controller technology of HVLS fans:

  1. Vector Control Technology: Air21xx has applied advanced vector control technology in its HVLS fan products, which can optimize the operating characteristics of the motor and improve the energy efficiency and performance of the fans.
  2. System Integration: The controller of an HVLS fan is not only involved in controlling individual components but also in the integration of the entire system, including the drive assembly and blade components, which requires the manufacturer to have strong system integration capabilities.
  3. Technological Iteration: Air21xx has evolved from asynchronous motor HVLS fans to independently developed permanent magnet synchronous motor HVLS fans, demonstrating the iteration and upgrading of controller technology.
  4. R&D Investment: Air21xx’s continued investment in R&D, including the development of controller technology, is key to maintaining the company’s technological leadership and competitive edge in the market.
  5. Market Recognition: Air21xx’s permanent magnet synchronous motor HVLS fans, combined with advanced controller technology, have been recognized in the market for their performance in industrial workshops and warehousing logistics, and have shown strong advantages in public places.
  6. Technology Upgrade: The company continuously upgrades and transforms its core technologies, including vector control technology, to maintain a competitive edge and meet the ever-changing market demands.
  7. Projects: Air21xx has enhanced its R&D capabilities and technological level, including controller technology, through projects such as the construction of an efficient motor production base and a research and development center.
  8. Global Competition: The company uses its advantages in controller technology to actively participate in global market competition and plans to explore new growth points.
  9. Product Innovation: Air21xx emphasizes product innovation, and its controller technology can provide differentiated product solutions to meet the needs of different customers and various application scenarios.
  10. Technical Strength: Air21xx’s controller technology and other related technologies are all independently developed and continuously upgraded, maintaining its leading position in the HVLS fan industry.

With these advanced technologies and continuous innovation, Air21xx ensures the competitiveness of its HVLS fan products in the market and meets the demands for high efficiency and stability in different application scenarios.

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