Where can HVLS industrial fans be used

HVLS industrial fans are ventilation and cooling equipment suitable for various tall spaces, and they can be widely used in the following types of factories and places:

  1. Industrial plant: HVLS industrial fans can effectively improve air circulation in industrial production workshops, especially suitable for manufacturing plants that require good ventilation and air quality control.
  2. Logistics warehousing: In large warehouses and logistics centers, HVLS industrial fans can help maintain air circulation, reduce moisture and odors, and provide a comfortable working environment for workers.
  3. Waiting room: In waiting areas such as train stations and bus stations, HVLS industrial fans can provide cool air for waiting passengers and improve the waiting environment.
  4. Exhibition Hall: In venues hosting large-scale exhibitions or events, HVLS industrial fans can provide visitors with cooling and ventilation effects, enhancing the visiting experience.
  5. Gymnasium: During sports events or large-scale events, HVLS industrial fans can provide good ventilation conditions for spectators and athletes.
  6. Supermarkets: In large shopping malls and retail venues such as supermarkets, HVLS industrial fans can help regulate indoor temperature, creating a comfortable shopping and working environment for customers and employees.
  7. Farms: including dairy farms, breeding farms, hatcheries and other large-scale breeding sites, HVLS industrial fans can improve air quality, remove moisture and humidity, eliminate odor, and reduce the incidence rate of livestock.

It should be noted that the use of HVLS industrial fans needs to consider the floor height and space size of the site. For example, the fan blades of a large industrial fan can reach 7.3 meters, and during installation, it is necessary to ensure a floor height of at least 5 meters or more to achieve actual results. The ideal height of the fan blades from the ground is 6-9 meters. In addition, it is necessary to consider the distance between the fan and obstacles to avoid collision risks. For small factories, due to space limitations, it is generally not recommended to install industrial large fans.

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